Program in Biotechnology

(Division of Science)

Professor Christine Li, Advisor • Office: CDI 13384  • Tel: 212-650-8450

General Information

The City College offers the following Master’s Degree in Biotechnology:


Programs and Objectives

The Division of Science offers an interdisciplinary biotechnology program that provides a firm foundation and understanding of the biological sciences through a series of core courses. Additional required courses will build on this biological foundation to expose students to the multidisciplinary approaches used in biotechnology. Hence, the curriculum involves faculty from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The coursework will be integrated with research experiences in the laboratories performing cutting-edge research within the Division of Science. The MS degree in Biotechnology will prepare students for entrance into industry, governmental service, the health-oriented professions, or further graduate education.

For students wishing to pursue advanced studies, the Doctor of Philosophy degree is offered by The City University of New York. The office of the Ph.D. program is at The City University of New York Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016.