General Psychology

The Psychology Department offers a Master of Arts degree in General Psychology. The program is designed for students who need to enhance their background and credentials in psychology, either for the job market or to advantage themselves in applying to doctoral programs. Students may enter the program with an undergraduate major either in Psychology or in another field. Acceptance is based on assessment of the student’s overall record and promise. Special attention is given to the student’s performance in undergraduate courses in statistics and experimental psychology; students who have earned less than a B in either of these courses, or who have not taken them, are advised to contact the graduate advisor before applying.

Mental Health Counseling

The Masters of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling is a New York State approved program. Students who complete the program will be eligible to sit for the state licensing exam once they complete the state required 3000 post graduate supervised hours of experience (equivalent to two years of full time employment). Our approach to counseling integrates modern dynamic, cognitive behavioral, person centered, and family systems approaches. The curriculum provides a thorough foundation in the theory and practice of counseling for the prevention and amelioration of psychological distress. We provide an opportunity for entry in a high demand, high growth career area. Sixty graduate credits are required to complete the program.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.2 or better, especially in psychology. An undergraduate major in psychology is preferred. However, students with another major who have completed courses in introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, psychological statistics and experimental psychology (or an equivalent course in psychological research) will be considered. Applicants should also have had some type of hands-on experience working with others in a helping capacity, either through paid work or by volunteering; applicants should include in the application at least one letter of reference from someone familiar with the way they performed in that capacity.

Other requirements include an individual and/or group interview and two additional letters of recommendation. The deadline for submitting an application for fall admission is February 1st. Students are not admitted mid-year.