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General Information

The City College offers the following master’s degree in the Study of the Americas:


The Master of Arts in the Study of the Americas offers students a liberal arts degree, in step with the most cutting-edge trends in interdisciplinary education. The program seeks to address new questions and concepts about the Americas as it focuses on topics such as racial identities, migration and immigration, popular culture, politics, gender relations, and human rights. It examines the historical, political economic and socio-cultural formations of the Americas.  As the name of the program suggests, our curriculum pays attention to both methodology and content, where "study" emphasizes our faculty’s expertise in conducting interdisciplinary research, and the "Americas" points to the way we look comparatively at spaces across the hemisphere and to consider, interrogate, and reevaluate the impact that concepts such as nation, race, and gender have had on regional and historical formations of family, community, governance, and civil society. The focus of the program is timely and joins an emerging field of study, that among its concerns, breaks apart notions about what the "Americas" are, how they are connected historically, politically, and culturally across national boundaries and transnational spaces. We call attention to how certain areas continue to be disenfranchised and examine the reasons for such marginalization.