Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service

R. Mark Musell, Deputy Director • Office: Shepherd Hall 1 • Tel. 212 650-5095

General Information

The Charles B. Rangel Center sponsors research and coordinates various educational programs designed to increase diversity at the management level of non-profit organizations and federal, state, and local government agencies. Additional programs are under development, and new facilities for the center are planned.

Support for CCNY's Master's Degree Program in Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA program focuses on preparing students, particularly those from under-served communities, for management-level positions in government agencies and non-profit organizations. The Rangel Center coordinates various internship programs designed to offer students first-hand experience in public service. It also offers scholarships designed to promote participation in the program among under-served groups. The Rangel Center also sponsors a speakers series, writing program, and math boot camp in support of the MPA program. Eventually, the center will offer a mid-career fellows program that will bring experienced professionals to campus to mentor students, and to participate in professional development workshops and seminars.

Research at the Charles B. Rangel Center

The Rangel Center provides small grants to faculty for research on diversity in public service. It also sponsors paid research opportunities for students in the Public Service Management program.

Archives of Congressional Documents

The Rangel Center will help support an archive of important documents pertaining to the public service careers of members of groups underrepresented in many aspects of public service. The core of the collection will be the Congressional papers and other materials donated by Congressman Charles B. Rangel. The archives will serve as a resource for students, faculty and scholars interested advancing research on US politics in general, as well as on the particular topic of diversity in US public service.