Earth Systems and Environmental Engineering Program

An Interdisciplinary Program between the Grove School of Engineering and the Division of Science

Professor Marco Castaldi, Program Director • MR932 • Tel: 212-650-5609

Professor Pengfei Zhang, Deputy Director • MR834 •Tel 212-650-8218

Dr. Liubov Kreminska, Program Administrator • Program Office: ST-421 • Tel: 212-650-8299

General Information

The City College offers the following master’s degree in master's degree:

M.S. in Earth Systems and Environmental Engineering


This program will prepare students of diverse backgrounds with the science and engineering skills needed to understand and develop solutions to solve complex environmental problems. Current and emerging challenges such as climate change, coastal flooding, energy production and pollution requires a training approach that includes both program breadth and depth and moves beyond the narrow disciplinary perspectives of the past. While our program will focus on specific knowledge and skills, the real-world applications and highlight interconnections across environmental science and engineering fields will be incorporated.

Students entering this program are offered two tracks:

Master of Science

The Professional Science Master which is affiliated with the Professional Science Master’s National Office and is designed to be a terminal degree.

Our diverse multidisciplinary curriculum gives us the flexibility to offer research training in the following concentration areas:

Water Resource Engineering Management (WREM)

Climate and Remote Sensing (CRS)

Geoinformatics and GIS (GIS)

Energy and Environment