SPED 3300K Building Community in Inclusive Contexts

Children come to school as unique learners who negotiate the world within complex and ever-shifting intersectionalities of race, class, gender, and ability. This course prepares teacher candidates to conceptualize human diversity as a resource (rather than a liability) and to facilitate caring classroom communities within which all learners are viewed as valuable. Participants will acquire in-depth understanding of techniques that nurture the development of an interdependent learning community based upon trust, mutual respect, and acceptance. Issues specific to classroom dynamics and access are considered in the instance of physical setting, curriculum, and teaching strategies as each relates to building community in the classroom. In addition, community building in the larger school context (including strategies for initiating and sustaining school change) will be addressed as well as transition issues that bridge to the outside community (community-based inclusion). Attention will be given to language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and technology as appropriate and consistent with the N.Y. State Learning Standards.



Contact Hours

3hr./ wk.