ENGR I7500 Poroelasticity

Incorporating elastic solid properties and Darcy's law, Biot poroelasticity is a model for interaction of stress and fluid flow in a porous medium. The Biot Model is used to solve quasistatic problems containing creep, stress relaxation and consolidation as well as wave propagation problems, including the "second sound" prediction and verification. The Biot model is then extended as a continuum mixture model suitable for a description of the mechano-electro-chemical behaviors associated with deformation and fluid flow in charged-hydrated porous materials. This mixture model provides a flexible and general basis that permits the development of a unified viewpoint for many diverse and perhaps simultaneously occurring phenomena.




ENGR I1400: Applied partial differential equations and ENGR I4200: Continuum mechanics (or a course in elasticity and fluid mechanics that included viscous fluid theory).

Contact Hours

3 hr./wk.