EDCE 7610C Literacy Strategies and Resources in the Content Areas (5th-12th)

This course will explore literacy practices in the different content areas, and support teachers in developing instructional strategies and learning activities for literacy learning across the curriculum. Special areas of concentration will be: crafting a culturally responsive curriculum; content area literacies; interdisciplinary and cross curricular connections; different dimensions of reading comprehension with different text types and disciplinary contexts; writing to learn strategies; the use of popular and multimodal texts to support academic literacies; and an analysis of the Regents exams. There will be a special emphasis on specific strategies to support literacy learning and growth, particularly learners of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as well as the students with special needs. Candidates will explore how different identities around age, gender, class, race, language, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc. are constructed through different literacy practices and cultural lenses.



Contact Hours

Includes 10 hours of fieldwork. 3 hr./wk.