EDCE 7503G Student Teaching in TESOL (Grades Pre-K - 12)

Candidates will spend 15 weeks of supervised student teaching in grades Pre-K through 12, apportioned between elementary (P-6) and secondary (P-12) classroom settings. The supervised student teaching experience is designed to provide prospective English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers with opportunities to teach and critically analyze teaching practices in classroom for English language learners. Candidates will: develop and improve teaching strategies and organizational skills to meet the needs of all students; practice formal and informal assessment techniques; examine special features of classroom management; and develop awareness of learning environments, including home and community. Required of all students in the graduate initial certification program in TESOL.




EDCE 2600C, EDCE 5201C, EDCE 5400C, EDCE 5700C, EDCE 5800C, EDCE 6000K, EDCE 6800C, EDCE 6900C, and EDCE 7200C; 300 Hours of in-school experience and weekly seminar


EDCE 7504G, EDUC 1900G.