The Division of Student Affairs

"Students First!" is the motto that guides the work and commitment of our talented and dedicated Student Affairs team. Our team is comprised of the Division of Student Affairs, a group seasoned professionals, and you, the students who care deeply for their peers and who partner with us to provide The City College community with a tremendously rewarding college experience. The Division of Student Affairs is organized into three clusters, each with its own goals for addressing the different components for students' success.

We help students to successfully move through critical transitions, beginning with new student orientation through graduation, professional development, and graduate studies. The Career and Professional Development cluster provides guidance to students as they transition from their college to career path, by providing numerous opportunities for experiential learning through internships and professional development, as well as employment and career services for current students and alumni. Included in the Professional Student Development cluster are the Career and Professional Development Institute, the Office of International Students and Scholar Services, and the Office of Community Standards and Judicial Affairs.

We engage students, their families, and the college community in activities that build relationships and promote college spirit. Student Campus Involvement offers programs that encourage community engagement through the following departments: The office of Student Life and Leadership Development, Athletics and Recreational Sports, the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, and the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Student Affairs promotes a holistic model of wellness for all our students. From the dedicated clinical staff in Student Health Services, to our robust athletic and fitness programs, we help students to achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Thus Health and Wellness Services has been developed as a comprehensive social service network to help link students to appropriate services on campus. The departments housed within Health and Wellness Services are the Office of AccessAbility, the Counseling Center, Student Health Services, Gender Resources and Emergency Grants Programs.

The Division of Student Affairs also offers services to accommodate students whose needs and responsibilities exceed their academic commitments. The Child Development and Family Services Center provides daily childcare and educational services to children and families of City College students. The Division also has a Student Affairs department at the Center for Worker Education to address the needs of working students.

The Division of Student Affairs is located in the Wille Administration Building, Room 204. The telephone number is (212) 650-5426. The Division office will help you to navigate its many programs and services.