Environmental Earth Systems Science Program

Interdisciplinary Program of the Division of Science and the Grove School of Engineering)

Professor Marco J. Castaldi, Program Director • ST 307 • Tel: 212-650-6679

Professor Kyle McDonald, Program Deputy Director • MR 925• Tel: 212-650-6984

Associate Professor Patricia Kenyon, Science Advisor • MR 933•Tel: 212-650-6472

Dr. Liubov Kreminska, Program Administrator • ST 421• Tel: 212-650-8299

General Information

The City College offers the following undergraduate degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science:


Programs and Objectives

Environmental Earth Systems Science (EESS) is designed for students interested in emerging environmental issues as well as environmental policy. A combined curriculum of science and engineering courses provides a foundation for studying emission control, climate change, global warming, resource management, public health, and environmental remediation. These broad areas will continue to drive environmental research for the coming decades with the goal of providing lawmakers with accurate information for developing sound environmental policies. The EESS degree program is designed to prepare students to participate in major existing environmental research programs at CCNY such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Center for Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology (NOAA-CREST). Together, the curriculum and associated science and engineering research provide a strong foundation for entry into careers in environmental and earth system science at local and federal levels and in related industries as well as government regulatory and policy arenas.