English as a Second Language Courses

(Division of Humanities and the Arts)

General Information

Courses in American English are offered to non-native speakers whose CUNY/ACT scores indicate that their language skills (

listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are insufficient for college-level work. The goals of the program are to help students become fluent, clear and correct in their writing, reading and oral communication skills.

The coursework in the ESL Department is on two levels. Students are placed in class on the basis of their CUNY/ACT scores; ENGL 11000 must be taken following completion of the Level II courses; SPCH 11100 may be taken following completion of ESL 03000. Upon completion of ENGL 11000 and SPCH 11100, students should be ready to pass the CUNY Proficiency Examination and Speech Proficiency Examination.

Students are permitted to take ESL classes along with certain liberal arts electives and Core required courses. Students are encouraged to advance as rapidly as possible. A student may be exempted from any course in the sequence upon recommendation of the instructor and approval by the course coordinator.

English as a Second Language Course Descriptions