Department of Psychology

(The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, formerly the Division of Social Science)

Professor Robert Melara, Chair • Department Office: NA 7/120 • Tel: 212-650-5442

General Information

The City College offers the following undergraduate and combined degrees in Psychology:



B.A./M.A. (Combined Degree)

Programs and Objectives

The major provides students with a broad overview of theoretical and research perspectives in psychology and applications of these perspectives to social and community issues. Undergraduate training is offered through gateway courses and advanced courses and can include honors study and laboratory and fieldwork. These offerings provide opportunities for students to work closely with faculty and professionals in the field on research and service projects. Both the B.A. and the B.S. are degree options for psychology majors. Highly qualified and motivated students can earn their B.A. and M.A. degrees simultaneously. The department also offers the coursework needed to obtain New York State certification as an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor. Graduates of the Department of Psychology should be:


Understand basic and more advanced psychological theories, principles, and concepts in a variety of areas such as human development, social interaction, psychopathology, cognitive processes, and the biological bases of behavior.


Acquire and apply critical thinking to the content of a discipline and to practical problems they confront in other settings, including: evaluating fact-based evidence, engaging in both inductive and deductive logical reasoning, identifying and considering multiple points of view, and applying the above processes to problem-solving.

Conduct research and evaluate research by others, including: evaluating hypotheses, research designs, research findings, and theories and formulating questions and hypotheses, designing research protocols, and analyzing research findings, using appropriate statistical procedures and statistical software packages.


Apply psychological concepts, principles and research findings to understanding social, political, and cultural phenomena and to their own lives and experiences.

Effective in Communication

Demonstrate effective communication skills in oral, written, and numerical formats.

Professional in Attitudes and Behavior

Act ethically, both in the conduct of research and in their everyday interactions.