Department of Physics

(Division of Science)

Professor Vinod Menon, Chair • Department Office: MR 419 • Tel: 212-650-6832

General Information

The City College offers the following undergraduate degree in Physics:


Programs and Objectives

The Department of Physics provides a comprehensive program designed to enable students to acquire a basic understanding of the laws of nature and their application, and to prepare them for a career either in physics or in one of the many science and technology oriented professions for which physics is a basic component. The various introductory courses are therefore designed to meet a variety of student needs, including general knowledge, preparation for professional work (engineering, materials science, photonics, premedical, biomedical physics, architecture, teaching, etc.) and preparation for advanced work in physics. A sequence of advanced courses is provided primarily for Physics majors but is also open to other interested students. The aim of these courses is to train students for technical employment in industry or government and for graduate work.

In addition to the Standard Physics Concentration the Department offers an Applied Physics Concentration, a Secondary Education Concentration and a Biomedical Physics Concentration.

The Department cooperates in the Program in Premedical Studies (PPS), a program of the Division of the College of Liberal Arts and Science. This allows the student to major in Physics while participating in PPS. The program features a curriculum that integrates a variety of learning experiences specifically preparing participants to meet medical, dental and veterinary school admission requirements as well as those for physician’s assistant and physical therapy advanced degree programs.