Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

Professor Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean

Professor Kathlene McDonald, Chair

25 Broadway 7th Floor

New York, New York

Telephone: 212-925-6625


General Information

The City College offers the following undergraduate degrees through the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences:

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

B.S. in Early Childhood Education

B.A./M.A. (combined degree) in the Study of the Americas

The Center for Worker Education, first established in 1981 by a collaboration of The City College, public employers, and public employee unions became the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies in 2006. The Center for Worker Education name has been retained as the name of the City College satellite campus at Bowling Green, where the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and the Undergraduate Program in Early Childhood Education are housed. Classes and offices are located in the historic Cunard Building at 25 Broadway, 7th Floor, near Battery Park and South Ferry.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education (CWE) is to provide an excellent education to working adults from New York City and surrounding regions. CWE offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, and a B.A./M.A. in the Study of the Americas. CWE serves a population that would otherwise be underserved by the College, and its courses and educational programs are specifically designed for students whose access to higher education may have been limited or interrupted due to financial limitations, work responsibilities, and family obligations.

A spirit of open inquiry, curricular innovation, and academic integrity are linchpins of the CWE mission. Equally important are respect for diversity among faculty, staff, and students, and a continuous search for our common ground as learners, teachers, and scholars. In providing its program, CWE seeks mutually beneficial relationships with labor unions, community-based organizations, city agencies, and employers in both the non-profit and private sectors who share our educational mission. With a dual focus on excellence and access, and by reaching out to the community, CWE aims to be a positive force in lower Manhattan and the New York metropolitan area.

Programs and Objectives

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences offers a flexible education customized for working adults and transfer students and provides them with a framework that allows them to connect their learning in the classroom in ways that are relevant to the workplace and the world. Students learn to think, read, and write critically through a curriculum that emphasizes approaches for evaluating and communicating information in a variety of formats: written, oral, and digital .

Most courses are 4 credits and meet once per week in the evenings and during the day on Saturdays. Online and hybrid courses are also available.

The Center also sponsors research and conferences that reflect its interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, including the Women and Work Conference, the Book Talk Series, the Is Hip Hop History? Conference, and the Patai Lecture Series.