Department of Economics and Business

(The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership)

Professor Kevin Foster, Chair • Department Office: NA 4/121 • Tel: 212-650-5403

General Information

The City College offers the following undergraduate and combined degrees:

B.A. in Economics

B.A. in Management and Administration

B.A./ M.A. (Combined Degree) in Economics

Programs and Objective

Economists are concerned with the problems that arise in allocating scarce resources to alternative uses. They analyze supply, demand and market conditions both for individual goods and services the public sector, and the economy as a whole. Students prepare for a variety of careers in the business, non-profit, public and academic sectors of society. The study of Economics helps people to make informed decisions as citizens and community leaders and in their private affairs.

The Management and Administration major prepares students to be effective contributors to organizations by developing key managerial abilities critical for success in the contemporary workplace. Students develop their abilities to research and critically analyze business information, make recommendations to solve real-world business problems, and become effective team members and team leaders. The Management and Administration major uses an integrating management framework to develop systems thinking and analysis, problem solving, and interacting and leading as key managerial abilities. This framework enables students to view organizations as complex systems and to make decisions that recognize the diverse needs of multiple stakeholders.