Department of Biology

(Division of Science)

Professor Jonathan Levitt Chair • Department Office: MR 526 Tel: 212-650-6800

The City College offers the following undergraduate degree in Biology:

B.S. in Biology

B.S. in Biotechnology

B.S./M.S. in Biology (Combined Degree)

Minor in Biology

Programs and Objectives

The Department of Biology offers courses in several areas, including Physiology, Neuroscience, Cell, Molecular, & Developmental Biology, and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior.

The Biology core curriculum covers a broad range of topics from molecular biology to ecosystems. Courses emphasize the fundamental principles of biology and incorporate the scientific method to gain deeper understanding. Evolution is emphasized as an organizing theme throughout.

Elective courses allow students to investigate a variety of biological processes and phenomena, and to explore the relationships among organisms. Qualified advanced students are encouraged to perform Independent Study or Honors (research) and may also take selected graduate courses.

The Department cooperates with the Program in Premedical Studies (PPS), a program of the Division of Science. PPS features a curriculum that specifically prepares participants to meet medical, dental, optometry, podiatry and veterinary school admission requirements. Students may major in Biology while participating in PPS.

Research Opportunities

The Biology Department has an active undergraduate research program. Students who wish to do laboratory research may enroll for Independent Study (BIO 31001, Bio 31002 or Bio 31003) if their Biology GPA is above 3.0, or, if their Biology GPA is above 3.5, Honors (BIO 30100-30300). Up to 6 of the credits from these courses may be applied to the major’s elective requirements. Students interested in research should consult with the Honors and Independent Study Committee. Financial support for research during the academic year and the summer may be available through a variety college and of grant sponsored programs.