Black Studies: Area Studies, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Requirements for Majors

A 2.0 GPA in the major is required for graduation. The GPA in the major is calculated from courses in the major based in the major department only, and that have been taken at City College or through ePermit, including all courses in excess of the minimum required for the degree. In addition, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 and above to graduate with a BA in Black Studies.

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
BLST 10100African Heritage and the Afro-American Experience


BLST 10200African Heritage and the Caribbean-Brazilian Experience


Elective Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
Black Studies


Total Credit Hours: 30

Additional Requirements

In addition to major requirements, all Black Studies majors must complete the following:

  1. General Education Requirement including FIQWS, FQUAN, Perspective and In-depth requirements (for students who entered after Fall 2007) or Old Core Requirement, including ENGL 11000, ENGL 21000 or equivalent, and the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement (for students who entered before Fall 2007)
  2. Classical and Modern Language Requirement
  3. SPCH 11100 or the Speech Proficiency Test

For more information, please consult the chapter entitled General Education Requirements at the end of this Bulletin.