SSSP’s Academic Resource Center (Marshak 1104) is a unique study space that offers students free specialized tutoring across the disciplines, a venue for student events, a computer lab and a reference library.  One-on-one, scheduled tutoring is our mainstay, though we do accommodate drop-ins, set up group-tutoring sessions, create a platform for student activities, and produce the only remote writing review service on campus, SSSP E-Tutoring, which now offers reviews of resumes as well as essays.  Our in-person tutoring comprehends STEM subjects, social sciences, humanities and writing.  Our basic tutoring model is a weekly, 50-minute session with the same tutor, who grows familiar with each student’s learning process.  In ARC training sessions, a guiding principle is “meeting the tutee half-way,” which means avoiding a lecture format in which the tutor leads and the tutee passively accepts knowledge.  Instead, tutees are encouraged to be active learners and tutors to see themselves not as instructors, but as learning coaches.  ARC hosts the annual SSSP Scholars Showcase poster presentation every March. We have also hosted many exam review sessions, academic workshops and a 12-week creative writing seminar.  As part of our collaboration with CCNY’s Accessibility Office, ARC sponsors intensive tutoring programs for students with special learning challenges.