SSSP holds three major events during the academic year.

The Cultural Diversity Program brings students together for an appreciation of culture through presentations on cultural topics by students of different backgrounds. Students are encouraged to present a topic in art, food, literature or music that they identify with. The Faculty-led session is led by a professor of Psychology and touches upon American culture and experience.

Scholar Showcase is a showcase of students research and academic projects across disciplines is held in March. Poster presentations of academic research in the field of social sciences, computer science, biology, chemistry, education and engineering are presented. Students  are also encouraged to present a poster on a topic of interest, or a study abroad experience.

Annual Awards Ceremony The purpose of the awards ceremony is to recognize students for their achievements; to motivate students to strive for excellence; allowing student’s time for reflection to see a broader picture of their progression and future education. It also serves to bring to surface outstanding students for the college community to become aware of and to provide further opportunities for accomplishments. CCNY divisions of Social Sciences, Science, and Engineering present divisional awards to outstanding SSSP students. Graduating seniors and students with outstanding records are recognized with trophies and medals. Tutors, Mentors, Federal Work Study students and Student aides receive certificates of appreciation for their contributions to the program.