Military Science - Army Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Professor of Military Science LTC Nichole R. Drakeford, Director • Office: MR 016A • Tel: 212-650-6478

Professor Rishi S. Raj, Program Director ROTC at CCNY, Senior Faculty Advisor to CUNY ROTC • Office: MR 016A • Tel: 212-650-6478

Programs and Objectives

Through its Military Science courses the Army Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program complements most academic programs. ROTC seeks to educate and equip leaders with to become critical thinkers, communicators and planners. Military Science courses teach leadership as a deliberate, continuous, sequential and progressive process to develop confident, competent, and adaptive leaders with a basic understanding of military decision-making. The ROTC program consists of eight 3-credit courses of Military Science taken in sequence, and a course in military history. The program seeks to commission Cadets as 2nd Lieutenants upon graduation.

Requirements for Admissions

Army ROTC Basic Course sequence (Military Science MSCI 10100, MSCI 10200; MSCI 20100, MSCI 20200, the first 12 credits) are open to all students; no ROTC or military service commitment is required. Military Science courses are taught at CCNY and York College. Students from across CUNY can register through e-permit. Military Science courses are general electives that count towards full-time status with regard to academic load and financial aid.

Army ROTC Advanced Course sequence (Military Science MSCI 30100, MSCI 30200; MSCI 40100, MSCI 40200, totaling 12 credits) are restricted to eligible students who have contracted with the Army as ROTC Cadets. Cadets enrolled in the Advanced Course will have successfully completed the Basic Course or its equivalent. Contracted Cadets are effectively in the U.S. Army Reserve (ROTC) at the rank of Cadet and will commission into the U.S. Army as 2nd Lieutenants upon graduation. Contracted Cadets are required to attend ROTC training events and physical training. Earning a contract is a competitive process. Please see Contracting into ROTC and Army military service obligation below.