The Gateway Academic Center (GAC)

The GAC provides ongoing advising and mentoring; as well as an array of services to ensure that students establish themselves securely in The City College environment and determine a degree plan that reflects both their professional and personal goals. Freshmen, transfer and continuing students who have not yet declared a major; or who are working to fulfill eligibility requirements to apply to the professional school of their choice, receive advising in the Gateway Academic Center (GAC).

Each student is assigned to a GAC advisor with whom he or she meets at least once each semester to review academic progress and to discuss any other related concerns. The advisor mentors the student in his selection of coursework before the registration period and ensures that prerequisites have been met. The advisor’s approval is required in order to register.

The GAC aims to provide its students with accurate and individualized advising, as well as to link them with all the resources the school has available to ensure their academic success.