The Counseling Center

The mission of the Counseling Center is to assist students in the resolution of any barriers that may hinder their ability to achieve their highest academic potential, while ensuring their mental health needs are met, regardless of ability to pay. Counselors provide free of charge and confidential short-term, student-centered and culturally informed psychological services from a modern and integrative theoretical orientation, treating all students with respect and recognition of their unique strengths. Counseling offers students a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space to voice their concerns and address these concerns with a counselor. Counselors provide students with feedback, they listen, reflect, and validate students’ emotions, and they offer support and strategies for coping with challenges. Counseling has been shown to be helpful with a wide range of concerns and is effective for both chronic problems and situational difficulties. Most students learn that counseling offers tremendous benefits in helping them work through problems that are affecting their lives.  

The Counseling Center also serves as a liaison to the community, linking students to more intensive and longer term services when needed. Additionally, the Counseling Center is committed to supporting faculty in the identification of students who may benefit from counseling services and reaching students in need. 

Services at the Counseling Center include individual counseling, crisis intervention, group counseling, consultation, referral, and psycho-educational activities. Students who are interested in scheduling an appointment or learning about the Counseling Center should call (212) 650-8222, stop by Health and Wellness Services in the Marshak Science Building J-15, or email counseling@ccny.cuny,edu.