Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

The Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (AEC) at The City College of New York provides administrative oversight over revenue-generating, entrepreneurial activities at the college. The services include cam-pus-wide dining, vending, catering, bookstore operations, ATM ser-vices, copier services, student housing, and other service enhance-ments and initiatives. The Executive Director serves as the adminis-trator of the CityONECard program. The AEC also provides funding to student Clubs and Organizations each year to support student ex-periences on and off campus. For more information about the AEC, visit

Dining Services

Dining Services at City College strives to provide products and ser-vices that are high quality, offer variety and good value in all of our dining locations and Starbucks Cafes throughout campus. We offer bountiful meals at modest cost, snacks, and beverages to satisfy midday cravings and those on the run, while our Starbucks Cafes provide diners with places they can relax and exchange ideas. Our chefs prepare healthy and nutritious fare to meet the desires of a diverse community each day. From vegetarian and vegan to Halal and Asian, as well as pizza and grilled burgers, we offer a variety of fare tempting to all.

There are several, convenient Dining Services locations on campus: our main Food Court is located on the second floor of the North Academic Center together with the Grab & Go coffee cart in the Rotunda, the Bare Planet Cafe on the first floor, and the Faculty Dining Room on the third floor. A second coffee station is located in the lower level of the Marshak Science building. All of our coffee locations brew Starbucks Coffee.

CityONECard Dining Dollars may be used at all campus dining loca-tions, in addition to many vending machines located around campus. Voluntary Meal Plan options are available to all commuter and res-ident students. Students save sales tax with every Dining Dollar purchase.

For more information about our City College Dining Services visit


The CCNY Campus Bookstore stocks new and used textbooks, ref-erence and general reading books, school supplies, computer soft-ware and supplies, sportswear and spirit apparel, CCNY memorabilia, magazines, greeting cards, and convenience foods and snack items. The bookstore also offers a text rental program, which can save students money versus the purchase price for a new or used text. The new CityONECard, along with most major credit cards and debit cards, are accepted. The bookstore also buys textbooks back from students throughout the year. For more information about the CCNY Campus Bookstore, visit


The CityONEcard is your new and improved City College ID with added features and benefits. It is a secure ID that enhances safety on campus. It is valid for building access and all services. And it serves as a cash card – a convenient payment method for shopping and dining while on campus! The card also comes with bonus and savings fea-tures only available to CityONECard users.

All CCNY students, faculty and staff members must obtain a CityONE ID Card. Each card includes a unique City College ID number, a magnetic stripe, (which works just like a bank debit or credit card), and it has to be swiped through a reader to process your payment. The card also has a bar code which is used in the campus libraries.

The CityONECard allows you to:

Access all CCNY and CUNY buildings and use the libraries and other services

Purchase food at all campus dining locations, The Towers C-Store and most vending machines

Purchase textbooks, supplies and merchandise in the campus bookstore

Attend City College sporting, arts and entertainment events

For more information about the CityONECard and its features and benefits visit