Mission Statement of the M.A. in the Study of the Americas

One of the practical goals of our program is to nourish a collaborative space within which students may develop their intellectual engagement, applying diverse and myriad disciplinary approaches to intersections among education, policy, government, society, history, culture, and the arts. For students who already have careers, we offer a scholarly space in which they may engage their current professional responsibilities and interests using theoretical frameworks. For students who are preparing for a first career or career change, our program offers varying perspectives from which to explore potential paths.

A second concrete objective of our program is to provide students with a rigorous, well defined curriculum that not only grounds them in an interdisciplinary perspective, but one that also allows them to explore more individual interests. Our 30-credit program enables students, with approval, to take up to three 3-credit courses at another division within The City College or at another CUNY campus, or even benefit from the study abroad programs whose content areas complement that of the MA in the Study of the Americas. 

One of the historical missions of The City College of New York has been to serve the educational needs of the working people of the city. The college's Division of Interdisciplinary Studies represents the heart of this mission, and our MA program enhances our ability to serve working students more fully and successfully. Our program is intended to accommodate the busy schedules of professional students. The majority of our courses are taught in the evenings. As with all of The City College's curricula, our program is extremely rigorous, preparing students to master both academic and professional environments. Although only in existence since 2010, graduates and students in the program have gone on to work in the diplomatic sector, have been accepted to PhD programs, and have complemented their current careers in communications, education, health, law, human resources, or marketing.

To this end, our program is housed at the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education, which is located at 25 Broadway. Our facilities are state-of-the-art (Wi-Fi, smart classrooms, computer lab) and our infrastructure is extremely personalized: we have an in-house library and award-winning librarian, writing center and tutors, a student services coordinator with experience in career counseling, and a clinical psychologist. The Center for Worker Education also houses the Frances S. Patai Program in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies, the Americas Poetry Festival of New York, and the Americas Film Festival of New York. The Center regularly hosts lecture series organized around themes that bring in outside scholars to share their research, such as "Human Rights," "Aesthetic and Cultural Expressions of African-Derived Religions," and "The Child."