Creative Writing Awards

  • The Doris Lippman Prize in Creative Writing
  • The David Dortart Prize in Creative Writing
  • The Jerome Lowell DeJur Award in Creative Writing
  • The Henry Roth Memorial Scholarship
  • The Adria Schwartz Award in Women’s Fiction
  • The Goodman Fund Grants
  • The Graduate Children’s Writing Award

The Irwin and Alice Stark Awards

  • The Stark Award in Drama in Memory of Ross Alexander
  • The Irwin and Alice Stark Short Fiction Prize
  • The Stark Poetry Prize in Memory of Raymond Patterson

Essay Awards

  • The Meyer Cohn Graduate Essay Award in Literature

Awards for General Excellence

  • The Albert Friend Award for Excellence in Medieval Studies
  • The Lillian Feder Scholarship
  • The Marilyn Sternglass Writing Award
  • The Marilyn Sternglass Overall Merit Award

Teaching Awards

  • The Norman Levine Outstanding Teaching Award
  • The Teacher-Writer Award