Department Facilities

Current EE Research Laboratories include:

Sponsored Centers:

  • Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology (CREST) Center sponsored by National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). CREST is a consortium of five universities led by CCNY.

CCNY Centers:

  • Center for Information Networking and Telecommunications (CINT)
  • Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers (IUSL)
  • International Center for Environmental Resources and Development (ICERD)
  • Photonics Engineering Center

Research Laboratories

Advanced Wireless Networks Laboratory, Media Lab, Optical Networking Laboratory, Photonics Applications Lab, Photonics Simulations Lab, Metamaterials Laboratory, Nonlinear Optics Laboratory, Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory, Remote Sensing/Geographical Information Systems Lab, Advanced Integrated Photonics Lab, Robotics and Intelligence Systems Lab, Smart Grid Lab.

Other Research Facilities

Multi-wavelength Laser Radar (LIDAR) observatory, mobile remote sensing facility, pico and femtosecond laser facilities, semiconductors diode lasers, streak cameras, spectrophotometers and multichannel optical analyzers, IC probe stations, and darkroom and mask fabrication facilities, digital pattern generator and error detector, network analyzer, 60 GHz communication signal analyzer, multimedia communication facilities, wireless sensor network test bed, wireless network sniffer, imbedded system programming tools, robotics platforms, fast prototyping machine, Mask aligner, Photo-resist spinner, Thermal evaporator, Sputtering system, Dry etch system, Surface profiler, Digital triple grating spectrometer, NEXUS 670 FTIR, Continuum IR microscope with camera.

Major computational facilities in the department include a network of 150 workstations. In addition, a network of PC computers is used by graduate students and faculty researchers in the telecommunications and remote sensing areas. These networks are connected to other research facilities located on campus and to the CUNY Computational Center, as well as the National Computational Facilities through the Internet.