Admission to a Master's Degree Program

The college reserves the right to deny admission to any student if in its judgment, the presence of that student on campus poses an undue risk to the safety or security of the college or the college community. That judgment will be based on an individualized determination taking into account any information the college has about the crime committed by the student and the particular circumstances of the college, including the presence of a child care center, summer camp, public school or public school students on the campus. In addition, the college may consider factors such as the amount of time since the crime was committed, the amount of jail time served by the student, the number of years the student was on probation or parole, whether the student has satisfied probation or parole requirements at the time of the student's application, whether the student has completed drug, alcohol, sex offender or other treatment, and what work or educational experience the student has had after the conviction. Finally, if the student is known to have been assisted by CUNY-sponsored or other re-entry program or initiative, the college will consult with a counselor or representative from said program.

Non-Matriculated Status

The Graduate Admissions Committee of the department and the divisional dean may also admit students on a non-matriculated (non-degree) basis. Applicants who do not meet the requirements for admission as matriculated students may be allowed to take courses as non-matriculants. There are two types of non-matriculated students: (1) a student who has submitted a formal application with official documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions and has received a formal letter by the divisional dean accepting him/her as a non-matriculated student. These students may subsequently achieve matriculation by meeting one or more of the condition(s) specified in the letter or by meeting matriculation requirements or (2) a "walk-in non-matriculated student" is for students who have not submitted official documents or who are unable to complete their application by the deadline date. "Walk-in" non-matriculation is also available for students who wish to take graduate courses for personal or professional enrichment and who do not seek matriculation.

Students who require an F-1 visa are not eligible to be in non-matriculated status.

Walk-in Non-Matriculate Status Admissions Process and Matriculation Process

To apply as a "walk-in non-matriculant", a student must complete the online application  and provide a transcript indicating proof of a baccalaureate degree. Approval is based on space availability and adequate prior preparation. Once the necessary approval has been received, the student pays the $125 application fee and may register. Students who obtain approval in this status are limited in the number of credits they may take, as follows:

School of Education – nine credits

School of Engineering – six credits

Liberal Arts & Science – twelve credits

A student may apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Science, the Grove School of Engineering and the School of Education as a "walk-in non-matriculant" during the Fall, Spring and Summer registration period. The following programs do not accept non-matriculated applications: All Ph.D. programs, all Architecture programs, Branding + Integrated Communication, Computer Science-Information Systems, Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice, Media Arts Production, Mental Health Counseling and Public Service Management.

Education students who are planning to matriculate must take the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) of the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST formally LAST) before completion of the 9 credit maximum as a non-degree student.

To obtain degree candidacy and obtain a master’s degree a student must be matriculated. Walk-in non-matriculants are encouraged to apply for matriculated status if they wish to continue graduate study at City College. Students must submit a Graduate Admissions application and official documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions in order to have their application reviewed.